Sleepy Teepee Team

Our Story

I’m Charlene, proud owner of Sleepy Teepee Sleepovers, mum to Mitch the mini sausage dog and a very happy wife to Hugh. Sadly not Hugh Jackman but to be honest my Hugh is much better. He is my number two in the business and if it wasn’t for him I wouldn’t be able to offer such fabulous sleepovers like I do.

I founded Sleepy Teepee in May of 2019 after I decided I wanted a new hobby. That hobby turned in to something spectacular and within a few months I was fully booked. It was one of the best decisions I ever made and although this is not my full time job, both me and Hugh love what we do.

Each sleepover we setup is full of love and care and has to be done to perfection. I’m the creative one aka spend loads of money and make it look pretty and Hugh is the builder, driver and numbers guy. Then there’s Little Mitch, we call him Chief Operations Manager – COM for short. He is always watching and overseeing the pack up of the car from his little step on the stairs and his nose is always inspecting each box, mattress, cushion and throw we pack, so please be assured people, your sleepover is in good hands. If you’re lucky enough we sometimes bring him along for the ride but not very often because he likes to bark orders from inside the car.

Our goal is to provide you and your little one a sleepover they won’t forget. All of our tents and canopies are CE certified because as much as we want your little one to have an amazing time, safety is super important. We have many themes to pick from and lots of additional extras to complete the party and be assured once the party is over you’ll be known as the best parents ever!!!!

I’m always free for a chat on the phone or on email so if there are any questions you have that aren’t answered in the brochure please get in touch.


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