5 easy sleepover party game ideas

That special milestone birthday is on the horizon and your little one has uttered those five words you were perhaps hoping to avoid hearing: ‘Can I have a sleepover?’

It’s no secret that sleepovers are hard work. You not only have to make sure your child eats their dinner and goes to bed on time but that their friends do too.

However, with a Sleepy Teepee Sleepovers party, we take all the effort out of planning and organising the sleepover, plus, we’ve also come up with some great games the little ones can play once we’ve set up and left them to enjoy their teepee tents. Take a look and pick out your favourites to keep the kids entertained during their stay.

Sleepover party game ideas

  • Wild wardrobe racing – Let them show off their creativity, as they create crazy outfits from items around the home.
  • Sleepy scavenger hunt – Themed or not, this is a fun way for kids to pass the time.
  • Torch chase – As it gets dark this is a fun game to play in a safe, open space.
  • Sound the alarm – An old egg timer helps create a fast and furious dash to find it before it goes off.
  • Mitten mayhem – Unwrapping a sweet isn’t so easy when wearing a pair of mittens!

Wild wardrobe racing

No, this doesn’t involve the kids riding the wardrobes down the stairs or pushing them around the room. Instead, it’s a race to see who can create the wackiest outfit in the quickest time. It will require a little prep on your part as you’ll need to raid the wardrobes for some fun accessories, as well as items around your home and clothing you don’t mind the kids pulling on over their own clothes. Here are some suggestions:

  • Sunglasses
  • Winter hats
  • Clip on earrings
  • High heels
  • Feather boa
  • Mittens
  • Boots
  • Plant pots
  • Oversized jacket
  • Fairy lights

How to play

Place all the items in a black bin liner, two children will then wait to be told they can go before having to rifle through the bag and pull out five items to wear. Set a timer for 30 seconds and in this time they must put on these items to create a wild and wacky outfit. The birthday girl or boy chooses the best one. Keep swapping around until everyone has had a go!

Sleepy scavenger hunt

Kids love a scavenger hunt and depending on the time of year or the birthday party theme you’ve chosen, you can hide items to complement this. Hide small bars of chocolate around the house for an easy game or get creative with rubber ducks, mini bouncy balls or miniature figurines to match the party’s theme.

How to play

Hide the items before the party begins, leave them in harder to reach places but don’t make it too difficult or the game could go on for a long time! Keep a note of how many items you’ve hidden then once they’ve all been found the child with the most wins!

Torch chase

We all remember those childhood games of chase at school but this twist on the game makes it the perfect choice for a sleepover. It can be played indoors or in the garden if the weather is nice.

How to play

As it starts to get dark, arm one of the kids with a torch, then ask them to shut their eyes and count to 20. Everyone else has to hide and the lights are turned out. The child with the torch then has to move the light around the room and anyone who gets caught in the spotlight is out! The last person to be found, wins.

Sound the alarm

Expect the kids to get excited with this fun game as they try to find the timer before it goes off. You can easily create an exhilarating backstory for the game, encourage them to pretend they’re their favourite superheroes and they must find an evil villains weapon before it detonates. Or they could be spies who have to find the alarm before the enemies realise they’re there!

How to play

Take an old egg timer from the kitchen and set it to 2 minutes, ask the kids to leave the room and hide it somewhere. Try to make it tough, put it in a cushion cover, behind the sofa, at the back of the bookshelf etc. With all of them looking at once, they should be able to find it! The aim of the game is to locate it before the time is up and the timer buzzes.

Mitten mayhem

Grab some wrapped sweets – Maoams, Lindt chocolates or Werther’s Originals work well – and get the kids to wear mittens (or even boxing gloves if you have them) as they try to unwrap them.

How to play

Each child will have a turn trying to get into the sweet while wearing the gloves. Put a timer on for 30 seconds and let them try! It’s funny to play and funny to watch, everyone will be giggling in no time. Ensure the kids still get a sweet after they play – and a bonus one if they manage to unwrap it with the gloves on!

These five, super simple party games will get the kids giggling and having a great time before they settle down for PJs, movies and snacks later in the evening. With minimal prep required from you, here’s to a happy sleepover and creating lasting memories.

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By Jade Lamb