6 of the best films to watch at a kid’s sleepover

Wondering what movies are best for a kid’s sleepover? Sleepy Teepee have pulled together a list of some of the best. Click here to find out more.


Your little one is having a sleepover and that means you need to provide some entertainment. A great way to keep them engaged for an hour or so is to pop on a movie, dish out some popcorn and leave them giggle and have fun. There’s nothing more fun than a movie night but with their friends there, it’s even more special.


If you’re wondering what films would be best for their next sleepover party, here are just a few recommendations:

The LEGO Movie


Everything is awesome and with this movie playing the kids will think so too. Kids love the quirky characters, fun action scenes and the familiarity of seeing their favourite building bricks come to life on the screen. Plus, LEGO Batman is great fun to mimic. Check out our Legoland theme for inspiration, we can set up this theme in your living room or kid’s bedroom that your little ones will love for a sleepover party.




This movie is a favourite for its soundtrack alone, kids love singing along to its upbeat tunes and watching Moana overcome the challenges before her. Plus, Hei Hei and Maui always get some laughs out of little ones with their crazy antics.


Avengers Assemble


Kids will be inspired by the mighty Avengers, watching their favourite action heroes on the screen from Thor to Iron Man to Black Widow. They’ll likely spend their time acting out their favourite scenes while the movie is on and deciding who is the best superhero.




This animated and real life mash up is a treat for kids. They’ll love seeing Giselle fall in love and the epic fight on the rooftop at the end, dragon and all. Just don’t let them near any scissors and your curtains or you might just find some dress shaped holes later!




Rapunzel’s tale of discovering who she really is, chasing her dreams and being a kind person every step of the way is a favourite with every child. Just be warned, they’ll definitely want to braid their hair and want a chameleon for a pet after viewing.


How to Train Your Dragon


The tale of a boy and his best friend is one kids will love. Toothless is a hilarious character, while Hiccup is the awkward but loveable hero of the story. The different kinds of dragons and the fun Viking setting is enough to keep little ones gripped for an hour and half.


Pop one of these movies on to keep them entertained while dinner’s cooking or to help wind down the night during that special sleepover. Let us do the rest, we can set up CE certified tents, provide blankets and mattresses as well as decorate the room in a theme of your choice, to make setting up for that big party just a little bit easier. Get in touch today!